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Monday, October 3, 2016

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For all future posts, please visit the official Fifty States Half Marathon Club website at

At the official site you will find info on the Challenges, 50 States Half Marathon Challenge™, 50 States Endurance Challenge™, 100 Half Marathons Challenge™, 7 Continents Endurance Challenge™, 500 Endurance Challenge™ and the Canada 10 Provinces Half Marathon Challenge™.

You will find Finishers, Annual meet up information, rules & guidelines, online store for club gear, tips for painting your shirts, and more.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

2015 Half Marathon Club Annual Meet Up and Awards to be Held in Golden Colorado

Half Marathons continue to grow around the globe and across the USA.  The current totals of half marathons in the USA equal well over 2000 events, with recent industry leaders’ claims of close to 2 million half marathon finishers over the past year. The number of half marathon events, and the number of finishers continue to increase annually.  The 13.1 mile distance is perfect for the traveler, allowing the ability to enjoy a weekend destination with little recovery time, contrary to the full marathon distance.

In 2008, Fifty States Half Marathon running club was founded, and has now grown to become a central bonding ground for bringing half marathon runners together from all over the USA, and even some from other countries. The club also has members from Canada, and as far away as UAE. The club features over 300 running event discounts (mostly half marathons), and a fabulous high end gold cup trophy for members who finish a 50 states journey, or 100 half marathons.  The challenges also allow for ironman distance and half ironman distance triathlons to count in totals of various challenges.  The 500 endurance challenge and a 7 Continents endurance Challenge was added as well over the past year, an enticer to go above and beyond 50 states or 100 halfs.  Members meet up for dinner and race photos all over the USA throughout the year, and enjoy an unprecedented camaraderie!  The bonds of the members seem to get stronger every year, and more keep joining due to the positive energy the club and members spark amongst others!  The annual meet up and awards, which is held in a new destination every year, has also been an exciting event.  Members drive and fly in from all over to see one another, celebrate membership and awards for challenge finishers, and enjoy a weekend of socializing.  The half marathon group is a welcoming organization with both walkers and runners of all abilities, and is a fabulous running club to meet other likeminded individuals, from some just normal everyday folks, to some with amazing inspirational stories of overcoming adversity.

In 2015, Fifty 50 States Half Marathon Club will hold their annual meet up event at Kooky Spooky Half Marathon in Golden, Colorado (a suburb west of Denver), with expectations of close to 200 members attending.  The weekend, October 23rd through October 25th, will consist of a planned light group hike up the scenic Table Mountain, social night of mingling, a Coors Brewery tour, an evening of dinner and awards to be presented to all the 50 States and 100 Half finishers, a race day with mingling at post race tent upon finishing the the half marathon, and another final social gathering the last evening of the weekend.  Thank you to all our members who truly make this club very special!  Look forward to seeing MANY of you October 2015 in Colorado!

Friday, July 4, 2014

Our Newest Half Marathon Challenge Finishers!

Congratulations to all our recent half marathon challenge and other running challenge FINISHERS.  We truly have a special half marathon group and so glad our club has been a part of your journey!




50 States Half Marathon Challenge Shirt Painting - Members' Creativity, Fabric Painting Tips and Ideas

We started a new Page where we are now sharing picutres, tips and ideas of member's 50 States Half Marathon Challenge shirts!  Whether you have one of our black shirts (long sleeve, short sleeve, or singlets), one of our black Club Running Jackets, our Lime short sleeve shirt, or our safety green/yellow color shirts (short sleeve shirt, long sleeve, or singlet), there is a map on the back of ALL for members to paint the states along their journey that they've completed!

Here is a quick Preview of some of the shirts posted on our new page:



50 States Half Marathon Challenge and 50 States Endurance Challenge Shirt Painting - Tips and Ideas page.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

NEW California Discount to INAUGURAL half marathon this August

NEW California Discount to INAUGURAL half marathon this August in Shaver Lake, CA, for Fifty States Half Marathon Club members.

The Fresno County Search and Rescue Team wants to give you a challenge. So they are putting on the 1st SAR Wild Run Trail Half Marathon. This “Half” will have you running the previous year’s bike trail along the southeast side of Shaver Lake while adding more miles in the forest with great views of the lake. But save your energy as you will finish scrambling up the 5K Wild Run. They say with the longer course the chances are better of seeing BIG FOOT!

Click here for ALL California half marathons 2014

NEW Massachusetts Discount to INAUGURAL Half marathon this November

NEW Massachusetts Discount to INAUGURAL Half marathon this November in Ipswich, MA, for Fifty States Half Marathon Club members. And I want pictures of you ALL in your mustache! LOL

Celebrate "Movember" with a half marathon that is 13.1 miles of mustache fun! Sport your own facial hair with pride or stick on the mustache we'll give you in your race bag. Join our goofy Best Stache Contest that's open to guys, gals and kids! In Movember, anyone
and everyone can rock the stache!

On the course you'll race past some of the oldest and most historical homes (pre-revolution) in the entire country. You'll also enjoy some beautiful scenic views in this charming coastal community. The Stache Halfe Race Series is a totally unique race concept. Celebrate the stache with two challenging races that will push you to test your own limits. Run both races back-to-back!

Click here for ALL Massachusetts Half Marathons

Sunday, April 20, 2014

HITS Omaha Marathon - HITS Omaha Half Marathon - Fifty States Half Marathon Club 2014 Annual Club and Awards Event


Every year, Fifty States Half Marathon Club holds an annual meet up at a new destination.  Half Marathon runners from the half marathon group fly in from all over the USA, and some from Canada.  In 2013, the annual meet up was held at Space Coast Marathon and Half Marathon in Florida, an exceptionally well run event put on by a stellar race staff.  The 2014 Fifty States Half Marathon Club annual meet up will be held at HITS Omaha Marathon and Half Marathon in Omaha, Nebraska.  The 2013 event was so much fun, that the members are really looking forward to the 2014 Omaha event!  The annual get together is looking like another great turnout for club member attendance.

Fifty States Half Marathon Club is a national club and has multiple challenges, founded by Nicole Blomgren who runs both the club and the national Half Marathon Calendar. Challenges include the popular 50 States Half Marathon Challenge (to finish a half marathon in all 50 states), the 100 HALF Anywhere Challenge (to finish 100 half marathons or half ironmans, or combo of either), and the 50 States Endurance Challenge (to finish a half marathon, full marathon, half ironman, full ironman, or combo of any of those 4 distances in all 50 states, for those that like to mix it up).  The club also has the 7 Continents Endurance Challenge, and the 500 Endurance Challenge for members who want to remain a club member amongst the many wonderful members, and enjoy the approximate 300 event discounts across the nation.  The club even offers a lifetime membership option for existing members, and welcomes members to remain a member long after finishing a challenge or challenges.

The annual meet up in Omaha will start out with a Friday evening cocktail hour meet up at a “to be determined” destination Sept 19, 2014, close to the hotels and race location. Saturday the Pre Race dinner, hosted by the HITS Omaha Marathon & Half Marathon staff, will be a club member gathering where 50 State Challenge and 100 HALF challenge finishers will receive their personally engraved gold cup trophy awards.  Sunday September 21st, 2014 will be the race day meet up, post race at tent, and following with a Sunday evening finale meet up at a “to be determined” location.  Excitement is heating up as the event weekend gets closer, and looks to be another fun gathering for Fifty 50 States Half Marathon Club members! Final itinerary will be emailed out to all half marathon club official members in August.

Friday, January 24, 2014

2013 to Early 2014 Half Marathon Member Moments - Fifty States Half Marathon Club

Another fabulous year for Fifty States Half Marathon Club, with wonderful members, and lots of 2013 to early 2014 half marathon memories to share.  Of course we can't begin to capture ALL the great moments, but here is our year in review of member moments.

2013 to Early 2014 Member Moments Video

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Get Ready for the Big Half Marathon Running Meet-Up of the Year

The Fifty States Half Marathon Club Annual Meet-Up destination for 2014 is FINAL!

After our annual process of picking a region, and sending out the races for members to vote on for our final annual meet-up destination, the final results came down to three GREAT races in the Midwest this year.  The final 3 were the Indianapolis Half Marathon & Marathon, The Northern Ohio Half Marathon & Marathon, and HITS Omaha Half Marathon & Marathon.  The final vote was tallied up, and HITS Omaha won the final destination vote for 2014.

TENTATIVE ITINERARY for Omaha 9/19/2014 - 9/21/2014
Our itinerary will be very similar to how we did things at Space Coast annual meet-up in 2013.  I will not have Friday and Sundays plans "firmed up" until later in the year when we get a firm count on attendees.  Saturday plans are FIRM though. ALL our activities will be

Friday will be an informal social meet up.  I'm already scoping out a destination that I believe may have a live band Friday nights, and it is within walking distance from the hotels near the TD Ameritrade Park Stadium. We will likely meet there Friday night, and it will be a nice social, fun night to mingle with members and listen to some live music.

Saturday, all members are invited to the Pre-Race Pasta dinner hosted by the race.  We will be presenting our trophies at this pasta dinner for ALL members who finished any challenges AFTER the date of our last member meet up. Our annual meet ups are our main event for presenting awards annually.  We'll also get annual meet up group photos this night!

Sunday, I will be planning something social in the evening.  It will probably be a place where people can eat, socialize, have a couple drinks, etc  Once I get the final count later in the year of how many are committed to coming, I will plan this out.  I recommend if you want to make the most of our member meet up and not be wiped out from the race, to probably only do the half marathon, so you can enjoy yourself with all the members.  Again this will be planned later in year when I have our attendance locked in.

The 2015 Annual meet-up will be extra special, holding it local to the President of Fifty States Half Marathon Club, Nicole Blomgren, and is already looking to be an enormous turn-out!  It will be held in September or October in the Denver / Boulder region of Colorado, at a "To Be Determined" Destination!

Join us and be part of the FUN weekend at HITS Omaha Marathon & Half Marathon!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Fifty States HALF Marathon Club 2014 Annual Meet Up was a HIT at Space Coast Marathon & Half Marathon Destination

While our annual meet up for Fifty States HALF Marathon Club was a great time at Rock'n'Roll Las Vegas for our 2012 destination, our 2013 annual meet up destination at Space Coast Marathon and Half Marathon was even bigger and better!

To start off, Space Coast Marathon & Half Marathon race management team was spectacular to work with.  They were extremely organized, and truly hosted our group, by providing us a complimentary table at their expo to hand out specially designed Space Coast - Fifty States Half Marathon Club shirts they designed and purchased for all of our members.  They also allowed us to present some of our official challenge finisher trophies at their hosted pre-race dinner prior to Jeff Galloway speaking, and also provided us a post race tent.  This made for one of our best annual meet ups yet, in addition to drawing almost 60 of our members and their families down to the Space Coast event!  From Tiki Bar meet up on Friday at our host hotel Radisson at the Port, to a fun pre race dinner where most of our members gathered, to a fun race day with members of our club, to our final wrap meeting for dinner, appetizers and drinks at Fishlips on the Cape Canaveral bay, combining that with GREAT COMPANY of our truly fabulous members of our running club I've met, I must say our 2013 annual meet up was a hit!

We now are currently working on selecting approximately 10 events for our members to vote on to identify our 2014 annual meet up that will be held in either September or October next year.  This first list will be coming out soon!  If you are an event within an hour of a MAJOR airport, and feel you could provide a similar experience to what Space Coast provided us for 2013, we welcome you to reach out to us for consideration!  But must act soon, because once our list is out, there is no turning back :)

Also, those planning to join our club, if you want to get in on the VOTE for the 2014 annual meet up for next September / October 2014, you must join within the next day!  The vote will come out soon!

We typically send approximately 10 events out for vote.  We analyze our results and narrow down to final 3.  We then discuss with the final 3 race directors and race management teams, and add any incentives to draw our members to choose that particular event.  Since we close to doubled in membership in 2013, we anticipate an even bigger turnout than this year's 60 attendees!  Looking forward to our 2014 annual meet up already!!

Here are some photos from our 2013 annual meet up!

As always, search for a half marathon at the most up to date 2014 half marathon calendar on the web!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Sunday, October 27, 2013

New Half Marathon Club Rule for Those Halfmarathoners Past the Required Number of Half Marathons to be Completed While in Member Status

Attention Half Marathon Runners, who run a LOT of half marathons!

We have changed a rule effective immediately that applies to those that have completed a LOT of STATES or a LOT of half marathons and may have been contemplating joining our club due to being OVER the minimum amount you need to complete "as a member" to be eligible for complimentary finisher trophies. For anyone that joins AFTER they are over the minimum to be eligible for a trophy, I will waive that rule (once you become an official member) if you then immediately purchase the 3 year, 5 year or lifetime annual dues option (after paying the official membership fee), and you will then receive the complimentary trophy still (even if you are at 49 states or 99 HALFS, or already finished the challenge not as a member, etc. I'm doing this, because the only reason we had the rule was to avoid people doing all the states and joining right before they finish just to get a trophy (since we're a club and not a trophy store). But for those truly wanting to be a club member, and pays minimum 3 year annual dues option immediately after becoming a member (meaning you're paid up for 4 years if you just joined since your joining fee covers your first year) you will not have to "purchase" a trophy. I will get this added in our rules and guidelines this week. However you will still need to provide all the required documentation for verification process prior to our ordering and having your trophy engraved once you become a member.

Visit to view what counts toward each challenge.

Half Marathon Calendar, 2013 half marathons, 2014 half marathons, half marathons 2014, half marathons 2013

Monday, October 14, 2013

New 50 States HALF Marathon Club Technical Visors & Race Hats, Beanies and Headbands

Half Marathon Runners ....  New Fifty States Half Marathon Club Headware now available for Pre-Order until Tuesday!

Fifty States Half Marathon Club Visor

Fifty States Half Marathon Club Technical Race Hat

Fifty States Half Marathon Club Headbands, Beanies and More

View ALL New Club Technical Hats, Race Visors, Headbands & Beanies
More Gear Coming Soon....... View Here

Half marathon Club - Half Marathon Calendar - Half Marathons 2014 - Half Marathons 2013 - Running Half marathons - Running

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Happy National Running Day to all you Runners out there

Wishing all you runners out there an extra special National Running day! Runners united like never before this year, and we are so grateful to be a part of such an awesome community full of all you awesome runners.

All the best, From your Running Friends at Fifty 50 States HALF Marathon Club and Half Marathon Calendar USA!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

UTAH Discount added for a NIGHT Half Marathon in August

Discount added for 50 States HALF Marathon Club members to the 6th Annual Moonlight Half Marathon, a NIGHT event in Mapleton, Utah!  The object of this half marathon is to finish as close to midnight as possible.

New DISCOUNT added for INAUGURAL Rocky Mountain Half Marathon ....

New Colorado discount added for 50 States HALF Marathon Club members to the inaugural Rocky Mountain Half Marathon, which kicks off the 1st Annual even this August 2013 in Rocky Mountain National Park!

If you register BEFORE MONDAY May 27th Memorial Day, you will receive a FREE Training Shirt found at this link

New DISCOUNT added to INAUGURAL Half Marathon in Arizona ...

New discount added for Fifty States HALF Marathon Club members to the Inaugural event, The Lake Powell Half Marathon, to take place this October in Page, AZ!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

50 States HALF Marathon Club members at Delaware Running Festival ...

50 States HALF Marathon Club Member Wins 2nd Place for Best Costume at Movie Madness Half Marathon

Fifty States HALF Marathon Club member Mary Steinmann wins 2nd place for best costume at Movie Madness Half Marathon in Mount Wolf, Pennsylvania!

50 States HALF Marathon Girlzzzzz Rocked the house at Portland

Pre dinner get together, Fifty States Half Marathon Club members at Rock'n'Roll Portland Half Marathon

NEW Minnesota Half Marathon Discount added for members to Inaugural event

New discount added for Fifty States Half Marathon Club members, to the new Inaugural half marathon in Sauk Rapids, Minnesota, ......

July 4th 2013

Sunday, May 5, 2013

The All New 500 Endurance Challenge Announced! Complete a Total of 500 Marathons, Half Marathons, 70.3 Half Ironmans or Full Ironmans ...

SO, .... You didn't think you were going to STOP at 100, did you? :)

The 500 ENDURANCE CHALLENGE IS HERE ...... and officially added to our home page.

Take on the 500 Endurance Challenge™ and finish 500 Half Marathons, Full Marathons, 70.3 Half Ironmans, or Full Ironmans ANYWHERE in the WORLD, ANY STATE, ANY COUNTRY. This challenge is exclusive to either members who have completed at least one of our other official challenges as a member, or complete at minumum 250 of the 500 total events while in membership status.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

New COLORADO Discount added to INAUGURAL Area 13.1 Half Marathon Denver ...

New discount added to the INAUGURAL Area 13.1 Half Marathon Denver (taking place in Castle Rock, Colorado), for Fifty States HALF Marathon Club members!  This is a NIGHT Half Marathon which will take place Saturday September 14th 2013.

AREA 13.1 is a nationwide Half Marathon Series originating in Roswell, Georgia. This is a night race; seriously when have you ever heard of aliens invading during the day?

All runners will receive an “out of this world” extraterrestrial-friendly shirt and swag bag equipped with glow in the dark tools needed to ward off those pesky aliens. Finishers will receive their very own die cast “I Escaped the Invasion” medal. Sponsor giveaways and much more. The Invaders are coming. Will you escape?

MICHIGAN Discount added to the Charlevoix Half Marathon .....

New Michigan discount added for Fifty States HALF Marathon Club members, to the Charlevoix Half Marathon to take place June 22nd.

Run a beautiful course in one of the most beautiful cities in the US- the Charlevoix Marathon, Half Marathon, 10k, 5k.

Great course. Incredible awards. Amazing medals. Outstanding food. The best volunteers! Fully stocked aid stations AND MORE!

NEW Discount added to Inaugural Half Marathon in Quilcene, Washington

New Discount added for our members to the INAUGURAL Quilcene Oyster Half Marathon  The event also includes a 5k and 10K and will take place 9/28/2013.  The course is being certified by USATF.

The run takes you over a bridge with spanning salmon, run thru farm and countryside with views of the bay and mountains.

Celebrate your run afterwards with oysters in the half shell, tasting of local ciders, wines and ales and a local cheeses.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

NEW Discount Added to INAUGURAL National Nurses Half Marathon in Red Rock Canyon

New discount added for 50 States HALF Marathon club members for the INAUGURAL National Nurses Half Marathon in Red Rock Canyon, Las Vegas, Nevada. This will be a BEAUTIFUL course and a GREAT event!

Discount added to Lime Rock Half Marathon - Lakeville, Connecticut

NEW Connecticut Discount for Fifty States Half Marathon Club members to Lime Rock Park Half Marathon in June!  The Lime Rock Park Half Marathon is Connecticut's newest half marathon and will run a moderately challenging course in Salisbury starting and finishing with 1 lap on the famous Lime Rock Park race track. The accompanying 5K will give family and friends of the half marathoners their chance to run 2 laps around the track.

Twin Reservoirs Half Marathon Discount added in Holyoke, Massachusetts

NEW Holyoke Massachusetts Discount added to The Twin Reservoirs Half Marathon for Fifty States HALF Marathon Club members! The event will treat runners to more than 6 miles on the beautiful groomed trails around the Whiting Street Reservoirs and Ashley Pond starting and finishing on the challenging hills of Holyoke Community College.

Discount to the Killington Half Marathon in Vermont, a challenging course, has been added for Fifty States HALF Marathon Club members!

New Member Discount to Black Bear Half Marathon - Waterville Valley, New Hampshire

NEW Discount added to Black Bear Half Marathon in Waterville Valley New Hampshire for 50 States HALF Marathon Club members, .... which will take place August 25th this year! The Black Bear Half Marathon will take you on a scenic tour of one of New Hampshire's most beautiful towns, along quiet country roads, finishing in the center of the quaint village.

Freeport Half Marathon in Maine - New Discount for members

MAINE NEW DISCOUNT to the Freeport Half Marathon scheduled to take place this September 2013! The Freeport Half Marathon is returning after a 1 year hiatus under new management - bringing back a fun and moderately challenging course in Freeport and Brunswick starting and finishing in downtown Freeport. The accompanying 5K will give family and friends of the half marathoners a chance to run their own race.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Discount to Colt State Park Half Marathon

Bristol Rhode Island Colt State Park Half Marathon DISCOUNT added for 50 States HALF Marathon Club members. One of the newest and most scenic in Rhode Island. Water views will greet you along much of the course. The accompanying 5K will give family and friends their chance to run along the water as well.

NEW New Hampshire Discount added - Wolf Hollow Half Marathon in Nashua

NEW DISCOUNT for New_Hampshire Wolf Hollow Half Marathon in Nashua NH added for 50 States HALF Marathon Club members. A scenic and shaded course in beautiful Mine Falls Park this November.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Excited to Announce 2013 Annual Awards for Fifty States HALF Marathon Club will be presented this year at the Space Coast Marathon & Half Marathon Pre-Race Dinner!!!

Excited to Announce 2013 Annual Awards for Fifty States HALF Marathon Club will be presented this year at the Space Coast Marathon & Half Marathon Pre-Race Dinner!!!  The dinner will also have a great speaker, Olympian Jeff Galloway, and we are honored to be a part of such a great Pre-Race dinner event! 

2013 Fifty States Annual Awards: Saturday Nov 31st, 2013

Space Coast Marathon & Half Marathon: Sunday Dec 1, 2013

Discount to Inaugural Race for This City Half Marathon in McDonough Georgia ....

NEW discount to Georgia INAUGURAL half marathon in McDonough, GA this May for Fifty 50 States HALF Marathon Club members! Join in and run the Race for This City Half Marathon May 18th in McDonough!

Utah DISCOUNT to Vigor 13.1 Big Cottonwood Half Marathon .....

UTAH  HALF MARATHON DISCOUNT FOR MAY ..... A Half Marathon START at 7700 feet and end at 4700 feet!  Head out to BEAUTIFUL Cottonwood Heights, UTAH for this mostly downhill half marathon, VIGOR 13.1 Big Cottonwood Half, to start May 11th at Solitude Mountain Resort up Big Cottonwood Canyon in Utah!  DISCOUNT to Fifty States Half Marathon Club Members! 

Discount to Portland Rock'n'Roll in Oregon .......

OREGON RUNNERS, ........ Who is ready to Rock PORTLAND in May?!   DISCOUNT to the Portland Rock'n'roll Half Marathon in Portland, Oregon for Fifty States HALF Marathon Club members. This scenic half marathon course starts and finishes Downtown Portland, adjacent to Waterfront Park.

Only ONE DAY LEFT to Use DISCOUNT to RunaPalooza Asbury Park Half Marathon in New Jersey .....

NEW JERSEY RUNNERS, ... there is STILL TIME to register for the RunaPalooza! Jersey Shore 5 & Asbury Park Half Marathon! The event is THIS Saturday April 20th.  Members of Fifty States Half Marathon Club receive a DISCOUNT to this event, but The ultimate goal of RunAPalooza is to raise funds for The Special Olympics of New Jersey. The organizers of RunAPalooza events including the race directors, webmaster, and entire committee are volunteers who receive no compensation for their time. So every dollar and every runner is contributing to a great cause!

Discount to Twin Lights Half Marathon in Gloucester Massachusetts ...

MAY Massachusetts DISCOUNT to the Twin Lights Half Marathon.  Event to be held in Gloucester, MA on May 5th! Fifty 50 States HALF Marathon Club members, still time to register and use your discount! This is an "out and back course that begins at Good Harbor Beach in Gloucester and leads runners along the seacoast of Cape Ann and through beautiful downtown Rockport. The seashore will be visible for most of the race's route and allows runners a close-up of many quaint views of some of New England’s most spectacular scenery."

Discount to Five Trails Half Marathon in Leavenworth Kansas ......

KANSAS RUNNERS, .... Lookin for a MAY DISCOUNT?!  Discount to the Five Trails Half Marathon in Leavenworth, KS for 50 States HALF Marathon Club members, .... event to take place May 19th! A nice walker friendly hometown half marathon!

Discount to Geist Half Marathon in Indiana .....

MAY DISCOUNT to Fifty 50 States HALF Marathon Club members  FOR INDIANA: Geist Half Marathon on Saturday May 18th, you still have a month to register! The Geist Half Marathon is an Indiana non-profit corporation organized to inspire health and wellness in the children surrounding Geist Reservoir in Indianapolis, Indiana, .... so your contribution to this event is worth the run!

Discount to Famous Idaho Marathon & Half Marathon event .....

IDAHO DISCOUNT IN MAY: Are you ready to run the Famous Idaho Marathon or Half Marathon?! Discount to 50 States HALF Marathon Club members! Still time to register for the May 18th Event!

Discount to Savage Race Atlanta MUD Obstacle Course .....

Atlanta, do you like MUD Obstacle events?! Discount to 50 States HALF Marathon Club Runners to the Savage Race Atlanta MUD Obstacle Course! This event takes place on May 11th and is currently 85% full!

Connecticut Discount to Redding Road Race Half Marathon ....

CONNECTICUT DISCOUNT to Fifty 50 States HALF Marathon club members for May - Redding Road Race Half Marathon May 5, 2013. Still time to register Connecticut runners! "A Run for the Cows"

Half Marathon Discounts in Colorado ...

COLORADO  is ROCK'N with DISCOUNTS  for MAY events for Fifty States Half Marathon Club members. Discount to the Carbon Valley Half Marathon, Grand Valley Half Marathon and Fear the Deer TRAIL Half Marathon. Lot of great halfs to pick from in CO in May, but of course a discount is always a nice perk! :) Thank you to these fabulous events for supporting the running club community!

Discount to Ojai Half Marathon ....

CALIFORNIA RUNNERS, ....Looking for a Half Marathon to do THIS MONTH STILL? Fifty States Half Marathon Club members receive a Discount to the Ojai Half Marathon in Ojai, CA Sunday April 28th event! Still time to register!

Monday, April 15, 2013

RUNNERS UNITE - A Time to Stand Strong

RUNNERS UNITE: As a leader and friend to runners and runners' families and supporters across the nation, I want to express my deepest sympathies in this tragic incident that happened today in Boston. This is a time to unite and stand strong.  This act was cowardly, by someone very sick in the brain.  This is a reminder that EACH and every one of you make a difference, whether a small act or big, a smile, a helping hand, or even a simple act of kindness   or compassion to let someone know you care.  Sometimes we don't think about how the smallest little thing can mean so much to another.  I just wanted to let all you runners know that you and your families were on my heart today.  There should be no recognition of this coward, but I'd like to recognize all the runners and supporters who ran Boston today, whether you were able to finish or not finish, and all those that made a difference in the lives of those caught in the tragedy today, firefighters, police, government, volunteers, innocent by-standers lending a helping hand, medical personnel and so many more that deserve the true recognition on this day. I am proud to be a friend to all in the running community and inspired and humbled by so many of you.  So again, stand United, you ALL make a difference.

 ~ Nicole Blomgren, President of Fifty States HALF Marathon Club &

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Join ASAP if you want to get in on the big VOTE for Choosing the 2013 Annual Member Meet-Up Location

★  3 Challenges to pick from and we're at about 170 running event discounts and growing, which makes the club worth joining event if you don't end up finishing a challenge!

★ Join asap if you want to get in on the big VOTE for the big end of the year 2013 member meet up location! The Vote of events to choose from is coming out within the week! Once the big list is voted on, then the Top 3 events voted on will be sent out the for final vote to all members! We are now up to about 170 event discounts to our members as well (AND GROWING)! So even for those who don't finish a challenge, the club membership is still worth it to be part of the club community and have access to all the discounts!

★ ALSO OUR CLUB WELCOMES MARATHON RUNNERS AS WELL! We DO have the 50 States Endurance Challenge for those that want to run a marathon, half marathon, half or full ironman triathlon or mixture of any of those, in all 50 States. We do have some marathon members and some who do triathlons, and have some couples where one does marathons and one does halfs, which works out well.

★ And we have a beautiful personally engraved Gold Cup Trophy on a cherry wood base for all finishers of a challenge!

★ Come join our wonderful community of runners. You will LOVE our members, ... it is truly a welcoming, super nice group of runners and walkers, from all over the US!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fifty States HALF Marathon Club will be at Durango Double

Attention Runners!  Fifty States HALF Marathon Club will have a booth at the outdoor expo at the Durango Double all weekend Friday October 5th through Sunday October 7th.  Come say hi and join us at the Brewery as well!  We are really looking forward to meeting runners from all over the US and I hear there are even several international participants!  There are BOTH Trail Running events and ROAD running Half Marathon and Full Marathon!  Looking forward to a great weekend in beautiful Durango!

Here is a video for a little enticement!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Half Marathons Reach a Milestone and Surpass the 2000 total mark in 2012

Written by Nicole Blomgren, August 2012

The year 2012 has been a year of tremendous growth for half marathons and marks a new milestone of surpassing over 2000 half marathons across the United States.  Half Marathons are being formed as fast as we can add them to the online calendar directories. analyzed, searched, and compared the top half marathon directory listings across the United States and came to a total of 2005 half marathons for all US States totaled, reported on August 26, 2012.  California leads the way with the top number of half marathons, surpassing the 250 mark this year and new half marathons being added almost weekly, with Florida following as second with a total of 105 half marathons reached in 2012.  Not too far behind Florida follows Utah, Texas, and the state of Washington for most half marathons in the United States.  Both Florida and Texas hit their 100 milestone this year in 2012.

Half marathons appear to be one of the fastest growing running events in the United States, with a noticeable growth trend in the rise of trail half marathons as well, most significantly in Utah and Colorado.  Additionally, many new series are being created, from the creative 5 halfs in 5 days in 5 states, to multi-state events launching 5 to 10 events in the same year, to some that are launched specifically in one state, and they are adding to the speedy growth of this ever so popular 13.1 mile event.

As events grow, the importance for Race Directors and Event Management companies to understand their audience, not only from a race day perspective, but also an online perspective in presenting the event website is critical.  A past article Event Websites in our Changing World of Technology, Social Media, and Accommodating the Traveling Athlete written by Nicole Blomgren, Founder and President of Fifty States HALF Marathon Club and, provides good insight into what events should be cognizant of in presenting their information for runners, to make finding an event so much easier.

The rate of half marathon additions does not seem to be slowing as we approach this last quarter of 2012, predicting half marathon totals to likely grow to between 2300 to 2500 by the end of 2013.  Half Marathon clubs have also seen growth in 2012, most notably Fifty States HALF Marathon Club has more than doubled over the past year.  Fifty States HALF Marathon Club provides 3 challenges for runners to choose from, most known for their 2 challenges of finishing an event in all 50 states, but becoming very popular as well for their 100 HALF Anywhere Challenge and their now new 250 Gold Member Challenge and 500 half marathon Platinum Member Challenge.  Furthermore, the half marathon 13.1 mile distance event is a nice event to travel on the weekends to. Runners can typically experience a quick recovery after finishing a half marathon, one may not encounter when participating in a full marathon, presenting the half marathon experience to be very enjoyable running distance event for runners.

 ~ Copyright 2012 - Nicole Blomgren