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Saturday, September 5, 2009


Runners, ... seeking something more than just completing a half marathon or marathon?  Triathletes,... seeking something more than just finishing a Half Ironman? Already finished your life changing completion of an Ironman and looking for your next life challenge? Or simply looking for a fun active goal and way to see every state in the United States with a purpose? New Runners, ... seeking a NEW life challenge to motivate your continued success after finishing your first Half Marathon?  
Come join our club, Fifty States HALF Marathon Club!  Our continued success and building an absolutely fabulous club depends on YOU!  We want to build the biggest Half Marathon community across the United States and bring all of you together.  We want to build a club that has the camaraderie you are looking for to motivate you toward success. 

OUR 50 STATES HALF MARATHON CHALLENGE™ is a challenge for those who love the half marathon and would like to finish all half marathons in all 50 states.

OUR 50 STATES ENDURANCE CHALLENGE™ is a challenge for endurance athletes that set out to achieve a fun and notable achievement of finishing an endurance event of half marathon or longer in all 50 states.  This challenge allows for a half marathon, a full marathon, a half ironman distance triathlon, a full ironman and other "official" timed and directed events that are longer than a half marathon to count toward a state.

OUR 100 HALF ANYWHERE CHALLENGE™ is a challenge to complete a total of 100 half marathons or half ironmans ANYWHERE in the United States!  You could complete all 100 in the SAME STATE even if you choose!

Fifty States HALF Marathon Club MEMBERS are eligible for BOTH VERY NICE AWARDS upon reaching each goal, including a personalized Gold Cup Trophy award, IN ADDITION TO  member discounts, annual events, and more surprises for our members as we grow.

For Half Marathon Race Directory, Links to triathlon race directories, other endurance links and TO JOIN Fifty States HALF Marathon Club, or For more information on our MEMBERSHIP, please go to our website at

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