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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Looking for Volunteer Board Members for Webmaster and Marketing Leadership (or internships are a possibility as well)

Hello all! Over the next couple months I will be starting to build a team of a volunteer board members for Fifty States HALF Marathon Club (free membership to all board members).

My first spot I'll be filling immediately is a VOLUNTEER WEBMASTER to keep our race calendar of half marathons up to date on our website and help create a better experience for our users and members on our website, in addition to fine tuning our applications we already have in place for our member portal. This will be in exchange for free membership for a one year committment. If someone has interest in discussing further, please email me directly to my email address. (Could be a good resume booster!) Must have strong HTML / Web development skills and be an individual who can be a professional contributor on our board. I can also consider this as an unpaid Internship if that was a specific request.

My second spot will be a Marketing Leader. I understand it is a volunteer spot, and there is a time committment in this role to drive membership, participate in marketing, plan meetups and national strategy, create partnerships and recruit sponsorships, and more. But, it is a spot on our board, a good resume booster, and I could also consider this as an unpaid Internship if that was a specific request. Either way, the individual will also receive free membership.

I also may throw in some additional perks or surprises if our organization does well due to these additions and may potentially lead to additional opportunity for someone.

Please email resume to be considered for either volunteer board position.
You can email us directly by going to our website and clicking on "Contact Us", which will provide you with our email address.

Thank you!

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