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Friday, October 21, 2011

National Half Marathon Club catered to ALL Half Marathon Runners

The time has come where Fifty States HALF Marathon Club is stepping it up and growing discounts and perks for Half Marathon runners.   The club is a central resource for half marathon runners to find half marathon races, meet other half marathon runners at races throughout the US, build camaraderie amongst the half marathon community, receive discounts to many events across the United States to many popular races, and also other discounts such as Road ID, Apex Nutrition, and many more in the works.  The organization is now at a point to announce the club as a national half marathon club open to all runners that choose to join, with no requirement to participate in one of the specific 50 State Challenges or 100 HALF Anywhere challenge if they so choose not to.  Over the next year, club members can expect to see a significant increase in the amount of races added to the discount list, increased partnerships to provide additional discounts and perks, and lots of new member apparel and gifts for the half marathon community added to the online store for members and non-members of the club.  The discounts alone pay for your annual member dues, hence this being a great deal to the half marathon running community.  This is also a great resource for the half marathon race event community, since the club is extremely connected in the "half marathon world" and will continue to play a crucial central presence in the half marathon community, with growing half marathon runner membership and continued support of maintaining a national half marathon calendar free to the running community.

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