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Monday, February 6, 2012

Fun Updates from Fifty States HALF Marathon Official Members

Bryan Pitman from Missouri - "woohoo 3 half marathons and a half ironman planned this year.....will have 6 of 50 states done and 9 of 100 half marathons/half ironmans completed by year's end!"

Michelle Johnson from Virginia - "Tinkerbell in the morning (repeat state, just for fun) and already wondering what I can possibly squeeze in the schedule before DC on march 17th. It's official...I'm addicted."

Theresa Caven of Wisconsin - "The 12 big races I did in 2011 - 2 Full Marathons, one 20 Miler and nine 1/2 Marathons."

Bryan Pitman from Missouri - "wanted to share my christmas gift that my awesome girlfriend made by hand for me......if you cannot read the top part it says: "Run because you can..Bike When you have to...Swim if you must....and it has the races I have completed...I can also hang my medals at the bottom as well....i was in shock at the thought and time she put into this....Happy New Years gang!"

Michelle Johnson's Bling - from Virginia - last 12 months of RNR bling and my other 2010 & 2011 hardware.

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  1. Those pictures of the medals are awesome! I received my first medal (San Francisco 2nd Half Marathon) back in July 2011. I plan to complete it by doing the 1st half of the San Francisco Marathon this coming July!

    The concept of running in all 50 states is cool! Thanks for sharing!