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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Join ASAP if you want to get in on the big VOTE for Choosing the 2013 Annual Member Meet-Up Location

★  3 Challenges to pick from and we're at about 170 running event discounts and growing, which makes the club worth joining event if you don't end up finishing a challenge!

★ Join asap if you want to get in on the big VOTE for the big end of the year 2013 member meet up location! The Vote of events to choose from is coming out within the week! Once the big list is voted on, then the Top 3 events voted on will be sent out the for final vote to all members! We are now up to about 170 event discounts to our members as well (AND GROWING)! So even for those who don't finish a challenge, the club membership is still worth it to be part of the club community and have access to all the discounts!

★ ALSO OUR CLUB WELCOMES MARATHON RUNNERS AS WELL! We DO have the 50 States Endurance Challenge for those that want to run a marathon, half marathon, half or full ironman triathlon or mixture of any of those, in all 50 States. We do have some marathon members and some who do triathlons, and have some couples where one does marathons and one does halfs, which works out well.

★ And we have a beautiful personally engraved Gold Cup Trophy on a cherry wood base for all finishers of a challenge!

★ Come join our wonderful community of runners. You will LOVE our members, ... it is truly a welcoming, super nice group of runners and walkers, from all over the US!

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