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Sunday, October 27, 2013

New Half Marathon Club Rule for Those Halfmarathoners Past the Required Number of Half Marathons to be Completed While in Member Status

Attention Half Marathon Runners, who run a LOT of half marathons!

We have changed a rule effective immediately that applies to those that have completed a LOT of STATES or a LOT of half marathons and may have been contemplating joining our club due to being OVER the minimum amount you need to complete "as a member" to be eligible for complimentary finisher trophies. For anyone that joins AFTER they are over the minimum to be eligible for a trophy, I will waive that rule (once you become an official member) if you then immediately purchase the 3 year, 5 year or lifetime annual dues option (after paying the official membership fee), and you will then receive the complimentary trophy still (even if you are at 49 states or 99 HALFS, or already finished the challenge not as a member, etc. I'm doing this, because the only reason we had the rule was to avoid people doing all the states and joining right before they finish just to get a trophy (since we're a club and not a trophy store). But for those truly wanting to be a club member, and pays minimum 3 year annual dues option immediately after becoming a member (meaning you're paid up for 4 years if you just joined since your joining fee covers your first year) you will not have to "purchase" a trophy. I will get this added in our rules and guidelines this week. However you will still need to provide all the required documentation for verification process prior to our ordering and having your trophy engraved once you become a member.

Visit to view what counts toward each challenge.

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